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If you are looking for a Trilby hat with style and elegance, then you've come to the right place! Here you can search among Trilby hats from brands such as Bailey, Stetson, Coal, Barts and more. The Trilby hat is a model that suits many hat lovers. The Trilby hat is also an affordable hat. It is bent upward at the back and often has a decorative feather stuck under the band on one of its sides. This hat has had a renaissance and is hugely popular today. Find a Trilby hat that fits your style here at Hatstore!

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Trilby Hats

The Trilby hat has a narrow brim. The Trilby hat was once considered the rich man's favourite. In Britain they were known as "Brown Trilby". They were often worn by men at horse races. Trilby hats can be described as having stringy brims that slant downwards at the front and slightly bent upward at the back. Further, the Trilby has a shorter crown compared to the typical Fedora design.

The name Trilby came from an adaptation of George du Maurier's novel Trilby from 1894. A hat in this style was featured in a London production of the Trilby play, and was therefore called the Trilby hat.

Traditionally, the hat was made of rabbit fur, but is nowadays usually made in other materials such as wool fabric or straw. During the 1960's the hat reached a peak in popularity. The low height of the hat made it practical when driving a car. During the 70's, the Trilby fell in popularity as did most men's headwear during this time. This was reversed again in the 80's when the hat was marketed for both women and men as a retro trend.

In the pop culture we saw Peter Sellers wearing the Trilby hat when he played Inspector Clouseau in the second Pink Panter movie. Justin Timberlake has often been photographed wearing a Trilby hat.